We Unravel the “Mysteries” of Doing Business with the Government


DGross Consulting is a consulting and development firm with experienced professionals dedicated to helping companies sell their products and services to the Air Force. We are engaged in the Dayton Region and are committed to supporting WPAFB as a community. Our mission is to help the business community serving WPAFB continue to grow, expand capabilities, and innovate!


DGross Consulting offers seminars to help you understand what you need to know to do business with the government, especially with our focus on Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Sign up for our seminars and get started learning about the defense sector. It is the goal of DGross Consulting to help your company be successful in marketing your business to the Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and beyond.


DGross Consulting has a long history of experience working with the Air Force and we are bringing that experience to you. Our seminars provide you with the details you need to understand this tough market. Our Guest Speakers are experts in their respective areas. Join us today and get started "Getting Government Contracts".


Check out our consulting services. We can help you get that contract!

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Join us for one of our incredible seminars or the entire series. Learn all there is to know about working with the government!

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About Deborah

Read a little about Deborah's background and experience in working with the government.

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